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Squid Game crypto surge by 18,000% in 3 days « PurelyNG



In Netflix’s newest Korean TV series, adults play children’s games for a hefty cash reward, and the show is a worldwide sensation as it follows. However, it has recently built its own crypto brand, with prices surging.

Over 18,000 percent higher at $2.32, SQUID has come a long way from hitting $0.01229 on October 26. Those interested in squid trading should proceed with care.


Acms reported by CoinMarketCap, Pancakeswap, a popular decentralized exchange, does not allow the sale of this coin.

Even though the coin’s white paper does not explain why certain users are unable to sell their tokens, it does detail an anti-dumping system that bans people from selling their coins if certain criteria are not met.


It joins a long series of parody cryptocurrencies that have surged for no particular reason other than excellent press in selling out in one second after the presale was launched on Oct. 20. Consider the price increase of Shiba Inu coins during the past week.

Play-to-earn platform Squid Game introduced Squid tokens as a way for players to make money as they play. In November, an online competition based on the show will go live. There will be no cap on the number of players or the final bonus sum in the virtual simulation, unlike the real edition of Squid Game, where the grand prize winner would receive $38.5 million.


Players will have to pay a particular number of squid tokens to participate in each round, and some rounds may also demand users to purchase a personalized NFT from the company’s website.

The color of these NFTs has been a source of controversy among fans, with some speculating that they are all pink with black masks covering their entire faces.


Even at current costs, the gaming experience isn’t cheap. It costs $15,000 (around $33,450) to get into the championship game of the event.

The award pool receives 90% of the entry money, with 10% going to the developers.


Tokens can be earned through the Squid Game platform by placing cryptocurrency holdings up as collateral for passive income, in addition to the show-themed Marbles Pools.

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