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Taliban Bans Afghan Women From Teaching And Attending Kabul University



Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat, the Taliban’s new chancellor of Kabul University, claims women are no longer allowed to teach or study there.

On Monday, September 27, Ghairat announced the news on his official Twitter account.


The prohibition will remain in place “until an Islamic environment is created,” he stated.

“Women will not be able to attend universities or work as long as a true Islamic environment is not established for all. “First and foremost, Islam,” Ghairat stated.


Ghairat had earlier tweeted in Pashto that the university was working on a plan to accommodate female students teaching, but he did not specify when this plan would be ready.

“We are working on a strategy for male professors to be able to educate female students from behind a curtain in the classroom due to a dearth of female lecturers. That way, an Islamic environment for female students to receive education would be created,” he stated on Twitter.


His nomination as chancellor of Kabul University by the Taliban drew widespread condemnation due to his lack of credentials. Ghairat responded on Twitter, stating he believes he is “totally qualified to hold this chair.”



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On Tuesday, September 28, he also shared his vision for the institution.


Kabul University’s goal, according to Ghairat, is to become a centre for “all true Muslims over the world to congregate, investigate, and study,” as well as to “Islamicize modern science.”

He remarked on Twitter, “I am here to announce that we will be welcome pro-Muslim scholars and students to benefit from a true Islamic environment.”

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