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“The Breeze Has Finally Blown”, James Brown Mocks Bobrisky As His Dirty Secrets Expose Online



Bobrisky’s protegee James Brown has mocked him after his former Ivorian PA Oye spilt his dirty secrets.

Oye held an interactive session with her fans during which she revealed some shocking details about Bobrisky, including his fake Instagram lifestyle and his relationship with Dubai-based Nigerian billionaire Mompha.


This comes a few hours after Bobrisky was dragged and called out by a jeweller for allegedly using his chain worth 2.4 million for a birthday shoot and has refused to pay

Reacting to the several outburst, James Brown, in a post shared on Instagram, mocked Bobrisky, saying that the gist about his fake life is all stale news.


James Brown liked his relationship with Bobrisky as meeting a devil, and he ran away, but people called him an ungrateful person.

While wishing Oye a speedy recovery from her encounter with Bobrisky, James Brown stated that Karma is not wasting time these days.


He wrote: Everything is fine!! The breeze has finally blown, and anyway, all of these stories are old gist,… ‘I am gold, so don’t borrow pose…

People called me ungrateful because I saw the devil and fled… These days, Karma doesn’t waste time.
I hope Oyee babe recovers from her ordeal.


Recall that James Brown indirectly insulted Bobrisky with his unapologetic birthday message.

James Brown had written to Bobrisky, encouraging him to make good character and etiquette his birthday resolution, and wishing him more money than he had already stated.



Speaking further, James revealed he is the mature one for heeding his grandmother’s advice of having to apologize first after any dispute.



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