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The Easiest Way To Train and Scale Your Team?



Welcome to my Trainual review!


Training new employees is time-consuming (and costly).

Studies show it costs businesses an average of $1,252 per employee to onboard them properly – not including the cost of lost productivity while they’re learning the ropes.


Enter Trainual—the world’s leading Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) software.

It’s like a playbook for your business and gives new employees the knowledge to hit the ground running.


In this Trainual review, I’ll be taking a close look at the software’s features, benefits, testimonials, and use cases. By the end, you’ll be able to see if it’s right for your business.

Let’s dive in!


If you’re short on time, the TL;DR is that Trainual is a powerful SOP tool. I give it my full stamp of approval. Get their free trial today if you’re ready to take the plunge.

Trainual Review
  • Ease of Use

  • Stability

  • Customer Service

  • Price


Trainual offers an easy-to-use system for documenting and systemizing key processes. It allows businesses of any size to train employees, maintain quality standards, and foster a winning culture. Try Trainual today!


  • Remove yourself from the onboarding process
  • Improve employee ramp-time
  • It’s very easy to use, create content, and assign roles
  • You can create quizzes to check off knowledge retention 
  • Easy to migrate current information into Trainual’s software
  • Customers rave about the customer support of Trainual


  • The pricing you see is only “base-pricing”, and they charge for additional users
  • Access to dedicated rep reserved for 50+ seat customers
  • Search function can surface irrelevant content

Trainual’s Main Features

Here are Trainual’s key features.


When scaling your business, having clear and well-defined procedures is vital.

Nine out of ten companies with 20% growth during the pandemic said process documentation was important. 60% said it was paramount. (Small Business Knowledge and Training Report).

SOPs help staff understand what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how it should be done.


With Trainual’s Processes feature, you can create SOPs that will arm your employees to do their best work.

There are three steps to building a process out with Trainual:

  • Start with a subject: If you’re a real estate organization, your subject could be “Property Showings.”
  • Name your topic: Your topic could be “Using Zoom for Virtual Tours.”
  • Create the steps: This is where you document and organize every aspect of the process. You can record your screen and explain each step as you go or embed content like text, PDFs, GIFs, or videos.
  • Lastly, assign the process to the appropriate team members!

Now, do this over and over again. It won’t take long until you build a complete guide to running your business.

Trainual also offers templates, so you don’t have to build out every process from scratch.

It’s a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) system. It reminds me of WordPress’ ease of use— you can drag and drop, and the content editor feels much like a document. There’s also no coding required!

Trainual also offers analytics to track engagement and progress by individual, department, and role. This helps identify knowledge gaps and ensure your SOPs are helping everyone stay on the same page.


The policies section is an invaluable resource for both HR departments and employees alike!

It’s basically a central repository for all your rules, guidelines, directives, and employee handbook information.


For example, you could place your office policies, work-from-home rules and expectations, vacation, and other need-to-knows in this area.

Now your team doesn’t have to search through old emails or outdated employee handbooks; all the information is centralized in Trainual.


People are an essential part of any business.

Trainual’s People section allows businesses to:

  • Easily invite and manage their team
  • Visualize an interactive org chart
  • Capture all roles and responsibilities in one place

In this section, you can assign tasks and link individual responsibilities to people. Their responsibilities link to content that helps train people to execute those tasks.

Pretty nifty, huh?


Let’s talk about Trainual’s “Company” feature—the one-stop shop for all the information that makes your company, well…your company.

With the Company section, you can document your origin story—from where it all began to your current successes.


You can also create core values—the principles that everyone in your organization can use as a guide when making decisions.

You will establish a clear mission statement, so everyone knows the company’s ultimate goal.


And finally, Company lets you document all of your products and services—everything from product features to pricing plans. This way, everyone in the company can easily reference and understand what is offered to customers.


Trainual integrates with various popular software programs to simplify onboarding and training.

With Loom, you can add screen recordings directly into Trainual for clearer instructions.


QuickBooks Payroll allows you to quickly and easily add employees to Trainual, streamlining your team’s onboarding process.

And the Slack integration is excellent for creating knowledge in real-time. You can capture content directly from Slack and add it to Trainual.


Important questions come up in Slack all the time. So why not turn those questions into training content?

This is super helpful because there’s no more copy-pasting or switching back and forth between tools.

Other integrations: Justworks, Paylocity, Zenefits, Gusto, and more. Your team can start using Trainual with their existing software solutions to ensure a seamless onboarding experience. Check out the full list of their integrations.


Trainual Review: The Pros and Cons



  • You can “remove yourself” from the onboarding process
  • Cuts down onboarding time (one company brought their training process down from 12 days to 4-5)
  • The tool is very easy—your employees can easily adopt it so the software won’t become shelfware
  • You can create quizzes to check off knowledge retention
  • Clone yourself and your best employees to document their processes
  • Easy to transfer current information into Trainual’s software
  • Customers rave about Trainual’s customer support