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The Senate should be scrapped – Governor Akeredolu



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The Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, has clamoured for a unicameral legislature for the country which will lead to the scrapping of the House of Senate.



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The Governor stated this at the Akure Centre of the South West Zonal Public Hearing on Constitutional Review on Tuesday, June 1. He said the upper chamber of the National Assembly should be scrapped while  the Assembly should be on part time basic to reduce the cost of governance.


Akeredolu stayed that no lawmaker should earn allowances not known to the Revenue Mobilisation and Allocation Committe and more importantly, people they claim to serve. He also called for creation of state police, devolution of powers, state control of resources, decentralization of supreme Court among others.

The Governor said:


“The position of the Ondo State Government has been made public. We advocate Federal Government largely reduced in size and scope of engagement. We want to see a Constitution that will enhance the performance of public office holders at all level.

It is possible to have a government that will serve the people in deed and truth. The law of the land must aid this realistic expectation. We must reduce the cost of governance and shift attention to service delivery in this trying period.


The country may consider dropping the current bicameral structure of the National Assembly and adopt a unicameral legislature. The membership of the Assembly should be part time . No member should wen allowances not known by the Revenue Mobilisation and Allocation Committe and more importantly, people they claim to serve.

Legislators should earn under a uniform salary structure. Allowances peculiarity must not be about obscenity. The Senate should be scrapped. The House of Representatives too should not be unwieldy. A maximum of four representatives should come from each zone”.



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