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Things to do to be on top of your money game





t’s way past the season of ‘new year, new me‘ as 2021 is half way gone, and it seems like we’re starting to experience a bit of stability. In spite of a few hiccups here and there, 2021 has surprisingly rolled out with a lot less hitches compared to 2020. If there’s ever a thing we scribbled down from 2020’s innumerable lessons, it’s the fact that changes can occur all of a sudden that are completely outside of our control. 

This isn’t to say that caution should be thrown to the wind, especially in the area of finances because that’s one of the 1000 ways to die…quick! If you’re like most of us, there’s a burning need to enlighten yourself on things to do to be on top of your money game this year, in order to protect yourself from the financial catastrophe as witnessed in 2020. The pandemic might have hit us all but the effects are unique per individual. As some got laid off, others had their salaries slashed in half, and if that’s not an inconvenience, I wonder what is. 


In order to avoid sad money songs, I have researched extensively on the necessary things to do to be top of your money game this year, and created this easy guide to get you stared.

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Check out 5 financial things to do to be on top of your money game this year 

#1. Take savings a little more seriously 

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Yeah…yeah! We’re going on about savings for the umpteenth time. If you still have an income no matter how small, consider putting out some emergency funds. 2020 should have opened your eyes to a realization that ‘anything can happen’. From as little as piggy banks to major savings accounts, this is a must do.

#2. Learn a skill, preferably online 

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Recently, many of us have spent the most part of our days indoors and for good reason. This has resulted in a boost in online courses. Whether you’re a major key in your industry or job hunting, adding a relevant skill to your arsenal would most definitely boost your skill set and salary. However, it’s necessary to take a course you love.

Quick tip: Getting armed up with programming languages is lucrative and even with a ready market. Try something new, it helps. 


#3. Cut down on spending 

financial freedomfinancial freedom
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There’s a way better chance of staying afloat and even holding it down if you strike out the countless guilty pleasures you’ve labeled “reward for hard work”. Shop strategically by exploring the best deals available. It’s true, you’ve worked hard and deserve random treats but reducing spending to basic necessities and making use of budgeting tools are essentially things you need to do to be on top of your money game this year. 

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#4. A side hustle

Woman vlogging as side hustleWoman vlogging as side hustle
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If there’s anything you should have on the side, it’s a complementary hustle. Another source of income will always be welcome because a few more bucks in hand keeps the debt song away. Freelance online or seasonal jobs are options to consider.

#5. Protect your money 

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A major thing to do to be on top of your money game this year is to protect your financial information. Researchers claim that the number of fraudsters have tripled probably due to the economic decline and laid back approach of individuals to their finances. Be mindful at the ATMs, create more complex passwords, and don’t share personal data carelessly. 

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” – Woody Allen

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