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Time Saving Hacks to decluttering your Workloads




Have you ever heard people say 24 hours in a day is not enough?  This is because they don’t know how to prioritize.


Often times, we leave many works undone and proscratinate because we rarely know how to manage our time.

We have all heard the popular cliche, “Time Wait for No One”, and it so true. Many of the excuse people give for attaining their goals is that they don’t have enough time. However, this is just an excuse. Wasted time can be one’s doom or lost.


Here are some tips to help you manage your time and avoid proscratination.

1) Prepare Ahead of Time : There is nothing like preparing ahead before taking any steps. The is the first tip for you to curb wasted time. You must cultivate the habit of being organized. If you are a business man whi has meeting the next day, it is better yiu prepare all the files and documents you would use for your meeting. As a worker or staff, every item you would need for the next day work, its better prepare it down as this would save you enough time and stress and helo minimise work lateness.

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2) Limit Time on Emails and Social Media : There is no doubt that social media can become too addictive. If many can channel the amount of time they spend online to doing something productivity, then they would have achieved so much in a short while. You should learn how to spend less hours on social media as it can help you free up some free hours that you can use to do something else.

3) Set Recurring Reminders : A busy schedule can make you forget important thing like birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, meetings etc. So, its wise you set a reminder which would help keep you updated on events and on track.


4) Plan your Schedule a week at a Time : The weekend, especially on Sundays, is the best time for you to plan your week ead to safe time and keeo you organised. There are several time saving technology device you can use to keep you on track. You can either use a Google calendar to plan your schedule or a Planner to keep up on commitments.

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5) Develop Routines : Have a set date and time for doing some activities. For example, you could oick Wednesdays as your fitness day. This would help you be on guard and make you more serious.


6) Touch it One : The truth is there would always be an unplanned activity, emergency or impromptu meetings that would pop up in your days, so it is necessary to be ready for such days. When that happens, it is best to handle it immediately rather than proscrastinate especially if it is a minor case and consumes less time.

7) Decluttering : There are so many jargons in our life that we need to throw out. Often times, we spend our time doing unproductive things that end up giving us less room to do the major things. We should embrace the habit of decluttering; if you spend most of your time watching movies, playing games, sleeping etc it is important you cut them down if you want to do something meaningful with your life and days.

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8) Use Free Time Productively : It is best if you can juggle two thing at the same time. As a wife, you can both be cooking and be washing the dishes. For me as a writer, I most times write two articles at the same type to help me save more time.



If you put to good use the aforementioned tips, you will find out that there are more free times than you least expected. Cultivate the habit of time management as it would help you accomplish your daily tasks.





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