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Tips On Handling Abusive Partner – Green White Green



Love can be a bitter pill to swallow when it is not enjoyed by couples and handling an abusive partner can be emotionally traumatic. Domestic violence has been on the increase in recent times. Though women are most prone to the practice, evidence abounds that men also are not left out.


Engage in dialogue

Before you consider divorce, you have to ensure you have done your best to save your marriage. If you observe violent behaviour from your spouse, talk to him or her about it.

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Involve third parties

Involving a third party in person of a Church Pastor or a good friend can help in handling your abusive partner after your several unsuccessful efforts. Engaging the third partner can be the magic wind that would solve the problem.


Stay away for some time

Once you observe that your spouse is the violent type, there’s no need to try to cope or manage the situation by staying or even hoping that things would change.


The best thing to do is to stay away from the marriage for sometime.  The abused must first detach from their abusers even while seeking counselor’s advice.

Seek counsellors help


Don’t leave the marriage because of arguments with your spouse, but instead see a counsellor to know how to settle arguments.

Leave the environment


One way of handling an abusive partner is for the abused to seek help but should not seek the help while living with the violent person because they need to go through some reflection.

 Don’t try to stay and hope your violent partner will change especially when the action has become habitual.


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