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Top Charcoal Importing Countries




Production of charcoal has been increasing worldwide from 18 million tonnes in 1965 to over 47 million tonnes in 2020.


Africa produces 63 percent of the total charcoal in the world. However, most of the Charcoals produced in Africa are exported to countries that have high demand for the product.

The major aim of this post is to enable those who intend to go into the charcoal exportation business to determine the countries that have a high demand for the product. High demand for the product in these countries means good and very profitable business for those exporting there.


Global purchases of imported charcoal totaled 94.9 billion dollars in 2020.

Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of imported charcoal in 2020 with purchases amounting to 77.7 billion dollars which is 81.9 percent of the worldwide total.


In second place were European importers at 12.4 percent.

Smaller percentages of importation came from Latin America 3.1 percent excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean, Africa 1.3 percent, North America 1.1 percent and Oceania 0.1 percent led by New Caledonia and Australia.


However, none of the top importers have increased their importation from 2019 till date.

Countries that had declines in their importation of charcoal includes are Brazil with -44 percent decline, Germany posted a -40.9 percent decline, Ukraine’s importation declined by -40.1 percent and Poland with -40 percent decline.


In 2020, the top 15 importers of charcoal purchased 86.2 percent of the total global importation of the product.

Lets take a look at the top 15 charcoal importing countries.


Asian giant, China is the largest importer of charcoal in the world with 17.3 percent of global charcoal importation valued at 16.4 billion dollars.

Japan is the second largest importer of charcoal with an import rate valued at 15.95 billion dollars which amounts to 16.8 percent of the global importation.


India closely follows japan to sit at the number three spot with 15.87 billion dollars worth of charcoal importation amounting to 16.7 percent of global importation.

South Korea is at number four with importation valued at 9.5 billion dollars South Korea is responsible for 10 percent of charcoal importation globally.


Taiwan imports an average of 4.9 billion dollars worth of charcoal annually amounting to 5.2 percent of global imports

Vietnam’s annual importation of charcoal is valued at 3 billion dollars which puts it in the number sixth position which is equivalent to 3.2 percent of global importation.


Charcoal importation to Turkey accounts for 2.9 percent of global imports valued at 2.7 billion dollars.

Germany is the 8th top importer of charcoal with an import rate valued at 2.7 billion dollars which makes up 2.9 percent of worldwide importation/


Malaysia closely follows Germany to clinch the number 9th spot. Malaysia imports an average of 2.3 billion dollars of the commodity which is valued at 2.4 percent of global importation.

Ukraine is the tenth highest importer of charcoal importing about 1.8 percent of total global importation valued at 1.7 billion dollars


Sitting on the eleventh position for the highest importation of charcoal is Brazil which accounts for 1.7 percent of global importation valued at 1.6 billion dollars.

Philippines closely follows Brazil with an import rate valued at 1.5 billion dollars which amounts for 1.6 percent of global importation


Thailand is not left behind with an average annual charcoal importation rate of 1.3 billion dollars which is 1.4 percent of global importation

Averagely, Pakistan imports charcoal worth of 1.2 billion dollars valued at 1.3 percent of global importation.


Poland is the fifteenth importer of charcoal with an average import value of 1 billion dollars which equates to 1.1 percent of global importation.

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