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Why I’m grateful my marriage failed – Dancer Kaffy



Nigerian professional dancer, Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, well-known as Kaffy has opened up more on the issues surrounding her failed marriage.

Kaffy has stated that she’s very grateful her marriage failed, and according to her, there are many reasons behind the failed marriage.


The dancer noted that she was blind about the mishaps in her marriage, but at the moment, she can see clearly, and that’s why she has to end it with the husband, Joseph Ameh.

Kaffy has also promised to revealed what she saw in her marriage, so people won’t fail because of same mistake.


Kaffy wrote, “Those who know me know l am more than a dancer. l explore my full humanity through Dance. l am an advocate for human excellence and productivity.

“My marriage failed for so many reasons and I am grateful I failed because l was blind and now I see.


“Follow me and I go show you wetin I see so you won’t fall like me. And if you do.. you shall RISE. l am KAFFY.. STILL I RISE.”

Moreover, Kaffy thanked everyone who has reached out to her since the news about her break-up from husband, Joseph Ameh went viral.

“Failure is information, not condemnation! Mine will be used to help those who want to do better and be better. Marriage can work but let’s all get off our high horses of wishful thinking and face the realities required to make it work,” Kaffy wrote.


She continued: “Wow! I want to say thank you to everyone who called, sent messages of prayers, those who were concerned or worried as well as those who were hurt regarding my marriage. lt’s all love and I am grateful. There are lessons to be learnt and I won’t keep quiet about those lessons.”

Kaffy and Joseph Ameh’s break-up met them with two children, a boy and girl, named Sean Oluwatosin Joseph Ameh, and Eliana Ameh to their care.

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