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Woman Throws Lavish “Divorce Party” After Officially Ending 17 Years Marriage



A woman celebrated her “finally” being free after her 17-year marriage ended with a divorce party.

Sonia Gupta, 45, celebrated the end of a three-year divorce process with her family and friends by holding a colorful themed party.


She wore a vibrant dress with a “finally divorced” belt, and she encouraged her guests to wear their most colorful and provocative outfits.

The party was dubbed “It’s a Sonia thing” because the event manager wanted it to mirror her personality, which she describes as bright and outgoing.



Sonia explains how her marriage stifled her vivacious personality and how she understood right away that they weren’t a suitable match.


“I chose a vivid, lively motif with a lot of unicorns since I am a very bright and colorful person,” she stated.

“I chose magic as the theme because I believe I deserve a little magic after the last 10 years.”



Gupta married in 2003 as part of an arranged marriage in India, but she immediately recognized she wasn’t happy after a few years of trying to make things work.


Sonia described their relationship as “we got married in India, then migrated to the UK.”
I felt disoriented in the midst of my marriage and its cultural aspects, and I was miserable for years.

“All I wanted was to be myself again; before my marriage, I was a very active and outgoing person, and everything went to hell after I got married.


“There was an outcry and no support for me or my mental health when I told my family I wanted leave, but I had my friends and my two pillars of strength, Mikhal and Shay, who were there to aid me on my way.

“After my divorce, I also received help from the Asian single parent network.”


The divorce party was a big hit, with a bouncy castle for everyone, pink and purple decor, a rainbow and unicorn theme, and a homemade cake from Tees Little Cake Boutique.

“I wanted to thank them all for their unflinching support over the last ten years,” says the author.


The divorce was started in 2018, but it took three years to finish.

After many grueling conversations, five court appearances, three trials, and countless conflicts, the procedure was completed, and her marriage was officially gone.


Her divorce represents the beginning of a new chapter in her life, and she now has a new outlook.

She stated, “It appears that people assume there is no life after divorce, that your life is gone.”