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The desire of every spinster or bachelor, is to marry the right man or woman; they all look forward to a blissful home. In the process of trying to get married, which is common with ladies, they tend to make mistake why choosing their partner because of lack of patience, pressure, naivety and ignorance.


There are many, who are currently enduring their marriage rather than enjoying it, because they failed to understand what marriage is and they didnot make the right decision before walking down the aisle.

Most Overlooked Reasons Why Marriages Fail


The society today, has even worsen it as women who are in their late 20s and 30 and are yet to be married are shun at and made to feel less worthy. Many even see marriage as a prerequisite for being a successful man or woman. If you have a booming career, can afford all the luxury in the world and have not built you own family, you are still seen as an unsuccessful man or woman.

There are many who in the process of trying to meet up with their age or societal pressures  tend to marry for the wrong reasons which I would explain below.


1) MONEY : Money has become the bedrock of many evil in the society, people now do many devious things with the aim of making money. Relationship, is no exception, as many ladies hold money in high esteem. To such ladies, money is the major thing they look out for in their suitors. Though money is important, it can never buy HAPPINESS and LOVE. Getting married to a man you don’t live because of his financial wealth is as synonymous to living in a mansion as a slave. If you know your worth, you would not be desperate to marry any man just because of his wealth.

2) LOOKS : I want an handsome man, so our pictures would look perfect? I want a beautiful woman, so our kids can look beautiful and handsome. These are some person’s standard for a good partner. “Charm is deceitful and beauty fades, but according to the scriptures, a woman who fears the Lord (despite her looks) would be praised. That Coke bottle shape you are running after, can become disfigured tomorrow, then what happens to the union? Never marry because of physique or looks.


3) SEX : Sex has become a born in many relationship today. People marry because of their partners sexual prowess. “I will marry her because she is so skilled in bed”, is why some men marry a particular lady. What do you think will happen if the lady is medically unfit to have sex anymore? Am sure would be thinking DIVORCE or  Infidelity. Marriage is much more than sex and if it is ones standard for marriage, then you are likely heading to a lifetime of regrets, cause marriage is much more than sex.

4) PRESSURE : This is one major reason why a lot of singles today rush into marriage. The society continues to breed dysfunctional homes because of its twisted mentality. When a lady enters her late 20s, it is expected of her to have settled down. This is the same with men within that age Gap, society, friends and family all shun late marriages. Not considering your level of marriage, you are been forced to commit your life to a man or woman who you might not deeply be in love with.


5) INFATUATION : Infatuation is not love and can never be. There are many who mistake this as a sign of True Love. Unlike LOVE which loves wholeheartedly regardless of flaws, infatuation is only based on outward appearance. A guy can tell you he loves you but when he sleeps with you, the love fades and you become lrritating to him. The reason is because he was only infatuated with your looks and not your heart. Infatuation is a short time feeling of attraction you have towards the opposite sex, it does not last forever. I am been in such situation before, I thought I loved my ex but when we began dating, everything he was doing became irritating and annoying that I had to call things off. Many who rush into marriage with infatuation, always tend to rush out of it.

6) INDECISIVENESS : This is the inability to make choice for oneself. There are people who depend on others to make a choice for them. Rather than consult God, they consult men who lost times could be wrong in their choice of partners. They are likely to pick a suitor that would surely favour them rather than you. Marriage shouldn’t be a thing of the highest bidder or the one with the highest voted becomes my partner.



Before you walk down that aisle and make a lifetime commitment with your man or woman, ensure you are doing it for love & because God chose him/her and not for the aforementioned.


Note that love, beauty, looks etc can fade, but TRUE LOVE doesnot.

Do not pay heed to societal pressure, the society would only help you to eat the foods at your wedding but would not live with you. The same society who pressure you into marriage, would still be the same one to mock you when things don’t work out. Rather than please them, why don’t you please yourself; your Happiness should come first!